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WiFi connection inconsistent (often disconnects)
Last Updated 3 years ago

  1. Reboot your Computer/Chromebook regularly to facilitate timely updates.
  2. Please try rebooting your WiFi Router. If possible you can cCheck your home WiFi settings to ensure that your selected wireless channels do not conflict with nearby neighbors, and that power levels are appropriate for the locations of the router and the laptop device(s).
  3. If you have a dual-band router you might have 2 networks set up one on 2.4GHz frequency and one on 5GHz. Connect Chromebook to 5GHz WiFi network when possible as it provides less interference and better video conferencing experience. 2.4GHz will reach farther away from your router but will suffer from interference caused by other household devices.
  4. “Forget” any unneeded networks that might be available in your vicinity (like public hotspots, or your 2.4GHz network), or at least do not set them to connect automatically. This will prevent Chromebook from switching between the networks in the middle of any activity.
  5. You can use a bandwidth-test website (such as to check your WiFi performance on each device, from multiple locations in the house, to determine the best locations for optimal performance. If you experience consistent issues on different devices at home you might need to contact your Internet Service Provider for support.

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